Having a blog called TheUnpretentiousGuideToParis when you don’t live in Paris anymore doesn’t really make sense so I’ve decided to rename it.... drum rolls... tada and all that... TheUnpretentiousGuide. As you can guess it took a lot of hours and brainstorming to come up with that name. No but really, I liked the name before and I want to keep it as much the same as possible. When I first started this blog I wrote that I named it unpretentious as a gentle reminder to myself to keep it simple, that is still my hope.

I will keep on blogging about Paris, but not only. There will be a larger traveling section and food too, more about Washington DC where I live now and probably a bla bla section or misc. because sometimes it’s just nice to ramble and not worry about under which category it falls.

While I'm still originally from Denmark and have spent more than 15 years in Paris, I've also lived in Kenya, Switzerland and Hong Kong and I'm curious to see what these next years in Washington DC will bring.

I hope you'll enjoy this blog,


1. not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent or culture than is actually possessed.

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