Tuesday, 11 October 2016

apple picking

w a l k i n g    t h r o u g h    o r c h a d s

Did we just create a new family tradition? Together with what seemed to be most other families of DC... Could be. I definitely wouldn't mind doing this every year. I really enjoy activities linked to the change of seasons for reasons I can't quite explain, maybe it gives me a carpe diem feeling, saying goodbye to one season, greeting the next one, realizing it with my own eyes, enjoying the characteristics of each one. Of course it makes it a lot better under a beautiful bright and blue autumn sky. Watching the sunlight filtered through the rows of trees, picking your own apples (that lovely little sound when the branches let go of them), listening to the wind and feeling the sun in your face it makes these apples better. Even before you've tasted them. We picked some beautiful non-shiny pink ladies and cameos (not a big fan of shiny apples) with richer colours than the ones you'll find in most supermarkets, more orange, more purple & pink, less red. It's a pleasure just looking at them. We'll be eating them like that this week and baking too of course: apple crumble, apple jam & thin French apple tarts, because new traditions should always be paired with old ones.

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