Sunday, 2 October 2016

a magical evening in the basque country

about a secret dinner in a vegetable garden

A few times in life magic happens and you're one of the lucky ones watching it unfold before your eyes. It can't be planned in advance or even expected. You can only hope for it. Okay, so maybe it helps if @ophelieskitchenbook is involved in the process. If she comes up with an idea called #secretdinerclub (diner with one n only as in French, Madame, Monsieur) and decides to have the first one in the Basque Country - a region I love dearly - you're already off to a very good start. Add a dream setting in the middle of the enchanted vegetable garden of la Ferme Landaldea complete with a beautiful table and an incredible menu under a bright full moon in great company and I fail to see how anything could have been better.

You can learn more about the menu as well as all the talented people who participated in making this evening so special on Ophelie's blog post here (in French). The most amazing part was that everything we ate had grown around us, a very humbling experience that revived my old dream about growing my own vegetable garden and gave birth to a new one: to one day be able to make that incredible caramelized beetroot pie with my own beetroots. Till then I'm still high from this magical evening.

The lovely Ophelie in her element:

When time stood still:

Keep an eye out for this magical hashtag on Instagram and see what Ophelie comes up with next.

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