Sunday, 17 January 2016

shop front love

Could be that the world's most beautiful shop fronts are in Paris. No less. At least I find myself stumbling upon new gems time and time again. It might even be the thing I photograph the most in this city. Not only because I can never resist faded pastels & old style typography, but also because I'm afraid they might disappear little by little. Some of them are businesses struggling to survive such as cabinetry shops, stringed-instrument makers & bookstores. Sometimes the shop fronts are preserved even when the original shop is long gone. It's nice to see this trend spreading but it's also a constant reminder of what once was and is now gone.

Luckily more & more new cafes & shops opening seem to be paying special attention to their fronts lately, either by restoring the old ones or making sure the new ones blend in.

While writing this post I realised how many pictures I actually have of Parisian store fronts. If I wanted to show them all, I figure I would need a whole book, brick weight. So there's a nice project for my old days. Meanwhile, Below are a few of my favourites.

a  l a  m e r e  d e  f a m i l l e

My all time number one favourite is Paris' oldest chocolate shop. I know, I know, I already wrote a blog post about this place (where you can read all about it) but I just couldn't leave it out of my selection because look:

The letters are tightly fixed which is the only reason I haven't put them in my handbag and run away with them yet.

d u  p a i n  e t  d e s  i d e e s

Another one that's very hard to resist is this little bakery. Doesn't matter which angle you shoot it from.

o d e t t e

Although it's almost cheating as the house & placement in itself is perfect already. Also, points for that little house it's leaning up against because if someone had asked me before, hey how about going for an odd green with red stripes? I would probably have said no & yet it works perfectly.

Sometimes all you need is a touch of colour:

And sometimes it's a collective effort. I can't help but thinking they got together beforehand to decide the colours:

And of course flowers don't exactly make it uglier:

o l d  t o y  s h o p :

Hidden in Passage Lhomme all this little shop needs is old wood & greenery.

a u   r o c h e r   d e  c a n c a l e

Is this still a shop front when you use the whole building? I say yes.

l ' h u m a i n e   c o m e d i e

A perfect example of a new shop that has kept the beautiful old store front. Ancient bookstore turned into hair salon.

b o o t  c a f e

Another very famous example of preserved shop front is the boot cafe, previously a "cordonnerie", shoe repairer. See the red boot?

Other favourites:

Sometimes simple says it best. But it helps with a bike parked right in front of it.

And of course, then there are all the black ones:

And an infinite variety of the colour blue. From flashy turquoise to faded hues & perfect pastels.

Okay, can you tell how this is getting out of hand now? I could probably sit here & post pictures of Parisian shop fronts until Easter if I didn't stop myself. Instead of that I'll go outside & maybe shoot a few more shop fronts...

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