Sunday, 22 November 2015

ode to paris

Ode to Paris - three little words & other than that I've been unable to write anything else. No words come to mind or too many words. Some cliches - & Paris has many - seem, well, cliche while some of seem suddenly make sense to me & extend beyond their usual meaning. Paris will always be Paris is one of them. Because in the midst of all the shock, horror & sadness the city has been going through these past days, Paris is still as beautiful as ever & maybe even more so. It's not going to break or fall. Will it change? Probably. Things seem to have changed already, the pace is different, slower, the solidarity is stronger, the need for solidarity even stronger than the solidarity itself, there's eye contact & there's fear, no matter how hard everybody tries to not let this rule our lives. 

We've been through these changes already in January when we last had terrorist attacks. And I know already that it's not going to last. It can't. People have to move on & normality is the best way to do so. Right now we're lingering somewhere in between grasping for some sort of normal to come back while we can't yet let go of what has happened and I don't think we should. At least not yet. I don't want to forget the many victims whose lives were so brutally taken away from them. And the thought of them seeing inhumanity & senselessness as the very last things before closing their eyes fills me with sadness.

The fear is more present this time than it was in January, far more present, in all of our minds I think. This will happen again and not only in Paris. Its happening already again and again all over the world & we seem so unprepared & unarmed to tackle it. I don't have any of the answers to how we can fight terrorism. I can't even seem to find anybody who has. So while I somehow wait for what will happen next & try to go on with my life & reassure my children, I walk through the streets of Paris to remind myself that it's still here & despite the fear, there's beauty around every corner. These pictures were taken on one of these recent strolls.

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