Saturday, 7 November 2015

cuillier coffee house

n e w  c a f e  b u t  c o f f e e  s i n c e  1 8 4 4

Coffee revolution continues in Paris. As I already said in another blog post, luckily the French also know how to make a non-bloody revolution, in fact a rather tasty one which is a nice change not to mention the fact that this city really needed cosy places where you can get real coffee.

I've tried several places over the last few months, but this is one of my personal favourites, a place where I can see myself coming back and hold on, a coffee place where I actually had coffee. But I'd like to say to all teadrinkers like me out there that they serve delicious tea too - from the Dammann Freres - something a good coffe place should never forget to put on their menu. And of course, there's hot chocolate.

Everything seems to come together at Cuillier Coffee House: the design with its beautiful lines, light & earthy colours, the warm welcome you get when you arrive in a very inviting yet relaxed way, not to mention the perfect location: Montmartre right next to Place des Abbesses. Oh and of course coffee, but not only. We had lunch first and indulged in some of their salty tartines. My husband went for the one with Marteaux sausage (surprise....), capers, tomatoes, zucchini & chives while I chose the one with piquillos, artichoke, feta, cherry tomatoes & savoury.

As delicious as it sounds & looks. The tartines are likely to change with the seasons, but there's always something salty for you to try as well as a selection of sweets such as madeleines & different cakes. Yes, I'm coming to the coffee part.

Standing next to barista Thomas, but don't worry I didn't touch anything. Looks like you need an engineer degree to use this machine although probably easier than it seems. My husband had two delicious, very different espressos. The first one was very special, Chelchele from Ethiopia, an intense & surprising taste that he really enjoyed & then a second one, milder, Cuillier's signature "blend 21" currently composed of Zapotal, Chelchele & finca San Juan, but likely to change depending on arrivals. We took one of those home with us (they are sold in bags of 250g).

And I don't drink coffee, but I actually had one right at this place. That's my first ever cappuccino right there on the picture below. And I'd like to say that I drank it & was surprised at how much I liked it. What I found very pleasant, compared to when you're drinking tea, is the way the taste stays with you for so much longer. My husband calls it coffee for kids and maybe he's right, but we can't all be coffee amateurs & you've got to have something for everybody, real coffee lovers & debutants like me.

And a last picture of this beautiful, handpainted sign:

Cuillier - 19 rue Yvonne le Tac - 75018 Paris is open Monday to Friday 8am-6pm & on weekends from 9am to 6pm. They serve breakfast, lunch, snacks & sweets and yes, coffee. More here

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