Saturday, 22 August 2015

ile de re - french island love

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I did actually make a travel category when I started this blog & then maybe forgot about it. But now that summer holidays are over, there's nothing better than going through your pictures once more & remembering everything. Summer slips away so quickly.

Ile de Re is a beautiful island off the west coast of France linked to the continent only by a bridge from La Rochelle. The island is only 30 km long & 5 km wide. It's supposed to be a very popular tourist destination, but I find there aren't that many foreigners here. Most tourists seem to come from France, Paris in particular. There are a lot less tourists than on the famous Cote d'Azur in southern France, yet you get almost the same number of hours on sunshine here & a much more authentic atmosphere. There's definitely an island vibe going on. Everybody gets around on bicycles, hollyhocks seem to grow against every wall, large white sandy beaches can be found all around the island, water is clear & there are plenty of beautiful salt marshes. Then there's that magical Atlantic light & charming houses with pastel coloured shutters, covered with plants & flowers. It's beautiful in a quiet, understated way that keeps me coming back every summer.

The first cause of mortality on Ile de Re is hollyhock overdosis. Nah, we both know that can't happen.

Breakfast of champions & then off to the sea:

Strolling through the streets of Les Portes en Re:

Fresh oysters & schrimps while watching the sun set over the salt marshes

And that island vibe

Oh & cheese. That's going to be my final argument. If everything else fails, creamy goat cheese prepared with Re's famous sea salt will get you here...

Most of the pictures shown here were taken in the village of Les Portes en Re located at the far end of the island. If you're looking for a new destination in France, I warmly recommend this place or any other spot on Ile de Re. Spring & summer months are the best.

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