Tuesday, 9 June 2015

paris hidden courtyards

Yes, I'm well aware of my excessive use of the words hidden & secret, but maybe that's where the most unpretentious places are? Or maybe there's no point in having a blog if I only show you the places you're bound to know. If I ever write a post about the Eiffel Tower, I promise I won't use any of those words.

I used to be shy, but that was before Instagram & before I started blogging. Now I trespass any chance I get to take a peak into all the little courtyards of Paris, & there are some truly beautiful ones. Most of the time, no code is needed to enter. Sometimes, elder ladies will ask me what I'm doing, but mostly, when I tell them I'm just taking a picture, they're fine with it. I've only been kicked out once. 

Here's a little selection of what you can find if you push a few doors, sometimes they're even open, so don't be shy next time you pass by a beautiful door, there's usually a nice reward hiding behind.

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  1. Oh, magnifique Benedicte! Tu n'aurais pas par hasard les adresses? :)

  2. Merci Laura 😊 Non malheureusement je n'ai pas les adresses, les photos sont prises un peu partout dans Paris: 9ème arrondissement, autour du Sentier, St Germain des Prés, la Butte aux Cailles


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