Tuesday, 19 May 2015

rue dieulafoy - possibly the cutest street in all of paris

What's really incredible, is that after all these years in Paris, nobody ever told me about this street. Sure, it's hidden in a corner of the 13th arrondissement where you'll rarely happen to just pass by, but still. It's a stunning, little hidden gem & I'm glad to finally have discovered it.

Beautiful pastel coloured houses everywhere you look, lovely entrance doors, flowers, cobblestone paving, wrought iron fences, quirky details, village atmosphere, it's got all the ingredients I cherrish. I also think the architecture is very unusual for Paris, particularly the funny slate roofs. I couldn' help but think of Notting Hill, as I walked around.

These 44 cute little houses were built in 1921 by the architect Henry Tresal as one of the rare projects (if not the only) in the neighbourhood for the middle classes. Most housing projects in this area, that was once known as the Gentilly Village, were developped for the working class.

Rue Dieulafroy is not far from the lovely neighbourhood La butte aux Cailles, so try to squeeze it in next time you go there.

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