Sunday, 3 May 2015

musée picasso

Built in Hôtel Salé, Musée Picasso has recently undergone extensive renovation. The result is beautiful, not only with regards to the older parts that seem to have won back their original beauty (that magical main staircase with its black & white tiles), but the added modern touch, such as a particular magical spiral staircase & the light installations, modern, very minimalistic chandeliers designed by Alberto Giacometti's brother Diego (try looking up) are also very tastefully done.

In 1895 Bruno Foucart called this private house "the grandest, most extraordinary, if not most extravagant, of the Parisian houses of the 17th century". Hard to disagree, especially today when you look at this impressive building in the midst of the exclusive Marais neighbourhood, in other words; right in the heart of Paris.

Once owned by a salt-tax farmer (hence the name), Hôtel Salé has had numerous occupants, it was sequestered during the French Revolution & at some point even used as a boarding school where Balzac studied. In 1974, just one year after Picasso's death, the decision was made to turn the house into a museum for his work & it was finally inaugurated in October 1985.

Besides works by the multitalented Picasso (painter, sculptor, ceramicist, photographer & I'm probably forgetting something), you will also be able to see his private collection including paintings by Renoir, Matisse & Cézanne. If you're planning a trip in the fall, look out for the upcoming exhibition "Picasso - L'exposition anniversaire", celebrating the 30 years of the museum.

Open Tuesday to Friday 11.30am-6pm & Saturday & Saunday 9.30am-6pm. Open until 9pm every third Friday of the month.

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  1. J'ai adoré ce petit moment culturel du soir ! Vraiment top et les photos tjrs aussi belles

  2. Merci beaucoup ma belle. Suis toujours ravie quand ca t'a plu. Bonne soiree!


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