Saturday, 23 May 2015

let's go to the market

But not just any market! I'm taking you to Paris' oldest covered food market & probably the most unpretentious one, making it almost mandatory for this blog.

Built in 1615 & located in the Marais neighbourhood, the market is 400 years old and carries the intriguing name of "Marché des enfants rouges" which can be translated into the Market of the Red Children. The name was given in remembrance to the children of an orphanage built by Marguerite de Navarre, Henry II's wife, that was once standing here. All the children were dressed in red, the colour that - at that time - marked anyone recipient of Christian charity.

Apart from admiring the historical structure with its recognisable glass roof, there are plenty of other reasons to go: gorgeous food stalls selling cheese, fish, fruits, vegetables & local, organic products, several exotic eateries, such as Lebanese, Moroccan, Japanese, Italian & French (I love the sign saying "couscous is here"). Peonies, strawberries, foie gras, sushi, homemade marmalade, antipasti, wine, meat, you couldn't possibly walk away empty handed.

Quiet in the morning, the market will soon fill up & become vibrant with people -  mostly locals - coming here to do their grocery shopping, enjoy a mint tea in the sun, eat fresh pasta or indulge in bentos or a glass of wine, giving it a very lively, yet laidback atmosphere.

You can enter the market through one of the two main iron gates.

The market is open Tuesday-Saturday 8am-8.30 pm & on Sundays 8.30am-5pm. Nearest Metro station is Filles du Calvaire.

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  1. Thank you so much Sandy! I had never been to this market before. Went on a quiet morning but then came back another day at lunch hour. Kind of liked the noisy, crowded atmosphere too actually ;-)

  2. Bon par quoi je vais commencer : quelle merveilles toutes ces petites choses que j'ai manquées ( Le gateau Miam Miam et les photos super Jolies ... Les passages : sublimes et il y en a un que je ne connais pas 😞 je connaissais l'histoire de Vidocq 👍 et Le marché àmettre aussi sur ma liste ! Je suis totalement Dingue de tes photos ! 💙💙💙

  3. T'es trop gentille!! Ca me fait super plaisir, surtout venant de toi. Merci beaucoup ma belle!


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