Saturday, 9 May 2015

Cité Florale

If I told you there is a little neighbourhood in Paris where all the streets are named after flowers, where no cars pass through & all houses are built in red & white bricks, covered with ivy, wouldn't you want to go? I'm throwing in a cute white-legged cat that will follow you around everywhere you go, birds singing, beautiful doors & currently the loveliest scent of jasmine.

Located in the 13th arrondissement, the area is named "Cité Florale" which can be translated into "Floral city" in English. There are 5 streets named Wisteria, Iris, Orchid, Convolvulus & Morning Glory (all though I'm afraid I fail to see the exact difference between the two latter, botanically speaking). There is also a little square named Mimosa.

The city was built in 1928 on a triangular zone that used to be a field, regularly flooded by the nearby river "La Bièvre". Luckily for us today, this meant that no heavy construction could be planned & only small town houses were allowed.

The river Bièvre still runs in Paris today, but underneath the city, where you can't see it. In 1875 it was so polluted that it posed a health threat to the Parisians & Baron Haussmann decided it had to go. If you're looking for it, you will find several small medallions around Paris, indicating its former beds.

For more on the river & its history, check out this interesting article:

Most of the houses have their own little garden & part of the area is paved with cobblestones. All facades are well-kept, lush & the scent of flowers follows you everywhere you go. It's quite the perfect spot for a little walk these spring days & it won't take you long to forget all the modern, large constructions surrounding this little, peaceful haven.

Cité Florale can be entered either by rue Auguste Lancon or rue Brillat Savarin. The closest metro station is Maison Blanche.

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  1. This is easily one of the most beautiful hidden gems in Paris! I love this neighbourhood and always combine a walk there with a visit to the Butte aux Cailles. For another virtual visit, check my post about it here:

    Looking forward to reading about your new Parisian finds!


  2. Thank You for the tour.... so quaint and lovely!

  3. Thank you very much, Sandy. I'll go and check out your post right away. Last time I combined Cite Florale with a visit to Butte aux Cailles yes, but this time I ventured into rue Delafroy and its neighbourhood. Ever been there? Lovely pastel coloured houses.

  4. Thank you very much, Holly. It's a lovely neighbourhood, yes. Happy Sunday!

  5. Really love the way nature is interwoven with architecture in these photographs. :)

  6. hello Bénédicte, mon super pro de l'informatique m'a aidée à entrer dans ton univers. Superbe post, très intéressant et que de belles photos. Pour la petite histoire, j'avais visité une maison à vendre dans la cité florale il y a une 10aine d'années. Charmante mais pas pratique. Le monde est petit. C'est aussi pour cela que je t'ai parlé des barres d'immeubles. On se sentait un peu cerné... Bravo xx Cécile

  7. Thank you very much Jeffrey. It's a beautiful neighbourhood where nature hasn't given in yet ;-)

  8. Te voila! Que ferions-nous sans nos enfants... Et merci pour la petite histoire. C'est vrai que c'est un peu encercle, mais tellement charmant quand on s'y balade. Apres en y vivant, on le vit surement differemment. Biz et bon WE. suis dans les bagages la ;-)))


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