Saturday, 11 April 2015

the cherry blossoms of jardin saint simonian

just for the love of pink

Pink isn't even my colour, but who can resist these cherry blossoms. On my search for the best places in Paris to enjoy these beauties before their short season is over, I came across a little article about this hidden park & its incredible cherry trees & decided to drag my husband along.

The funny thing is, I've been to this park more than a hundred times & didn't even realise it before my husband pointed it out to me. We used to live not far from this place when the kids where younger & I would take them to the playground that's at the other end of the garden. I've even had a few picnics near these cherry blossoms. Somehow I never noticed them. How is that possible? Sure, I was looking down into the sand box, running after my kids plus I wasn't on Instagram. Still, it's scary to think that in some periods of your life you just don't have the time to stop for a minute and look up. But that's what I'm doing now & I've rarely seen so many of them, so dense & so colourful. If you go there, try not to pay attention to the massive modern tower overlooking the garden, but imagine slow thai chi movements carried out under the trees in the early morning. I hear the last is true.

This little park, that not many people know, once belonged to Henry de Saint-Simon, who was a French political & economic theorist & businessperson (1760-1825). He was the founder of the Saint-Simonian movement which some people describe as an Utopian form of socialism. He believed that science & industry would eventually free people & create equal rights for everyone. In an article about the movement, the New York Times resumes his works like this: "He travelled much through various countries, published several works, and tried many strange and costly experiments, the only result of which was the ruin of his fortune". He sounds like a very interesting person if you ask me, although apparently not a very good shooter as the following will prove.

In 1823 he was so disappointed with the fact that his work hadn't lead to social improvement yet, that he attempted suicide. He actually shot himself in the head 6 times (trying to picture the scene) but failed to kill himself, only losing sight on one eye. He is buried in the cemetery of Pere Lachaise.

If you're in Paris or anywhere near, I would love to tell you to run, run, RUN, but I'm afraid it might be too late already. These pictures were taken 6 days ago. There should still be plenty of beautiful petals on the ground though. And I promise, no more cherry blossoms on this blog. Till next year of course.

For more on the Saint-Simonians, here's an interesting article:

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  1. Fantastic photos. Très magnifique. I can't believe they were taken with the iPhone. Your post is a great reminder to always look up.

  2. Thank you very much! I'm pretty impressed too by what the iphone 5S can do.


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