Sunday, 26 April 2015

seine scenes - take 1

Paris' liquid heart

Notice that take 1? That's because it's very likely there will be more, much more from the Seine as this is my all time favourite out of all my all time favourites in Paris. Just so we're clear.

I never get tired of it. The colour of the river changes constantly, depending on the weather & the seasons, from dirty beige to dark blue, to grey to turquoise, to pink. It's where I want to be to watch the sun rise or set, the snow fall & the fog descend.

Maybe above all, the Seine captures the essence of Paris. It oozes charm & history and lets you marvel at one architectural masterpiece after another along its riverbanks but also all the little wonders that are characteristic of the city, from the tiny "bouquinistes" selling books & old postcards to the many bridges & houseboats. And most importantly, it's oh so quiet early in the morning, where you can almost have it all to yourself.

When spring & warmer days arrive, the banks of the Seine are the perfect spot to enjoy the sun. 

There are more than 30 bridges crossing the Seine in Paris only & these are just some of them. Below clockwise: Pont Bir-Hakeim, Pont de la Concorde, Passerelle Debilly & Pont Alexandre III.

And of course, Pont Neuf, the oldest & maybe most famous:

And when I say the Seine is just as stunning on a grey & foggy winter day, this is what I mean:

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  1. Coucou ! Ça faisait un petit bout de temps que je ne venais pas sur ton blog et wowwwww j'ai raté de sacrées merveilles ! Tes photos d'Italie sont a couper le souffle ... Tes photos de la seine pour une grande amoureuse comme moi de celle-ci sont magiques... Ton blog est une merveille ! 😘😘

  2. Oh, merci beaucoup Brigitte, vraiment!

  3. Merciii Cecilie. Ca me fait tres plaisir.


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