Friday, 27 March 2015

passage lhomme

If there was ever a true hidden gem in Paris, this is it. There's a chance I'll be saying that a lot. Each time I come accross one of Paris' many hidden passages, villas or alleys, I'm overwhelmed by a feeling of disvovery that won't even die once I get home, google it and see how many people it has enchanted already. It's still a discovery to me and an undisturbed moment with Paris.

Even though it's so close to bustling Bastille, it seems completely tucked away, like a rural village in the heart of the city. It's quiet, leafy, paved with cobblestones and incredibly charming, as if time just decided to stop 100 years ago.

It's named after the man who once owned it and I wish I could tell you more about what seems to be abandoned furniture workshops at the end of the passage, but I haven't been able to find any information about them. But maybe it's just as well to let it keep its mystery. There is one shop left though, a very cute little toy shop that I urge you to visit.

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