Thursday, 26 March 2015

chunky chocolate cookies (and i mean real chunks)

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Yes, every now & then, there will be some cooking going on and this is where I feel particularly brilliant having named this guide unpretentious. This isn't French cooking in the sense where you'll need a large countryside kitchen or even unreasonable ingredients that must be bought fresh at the local market. But simple doesn't mean it can't be good. Actually, these are my main criteria for cooking: simple, quick & good. You'll also find out very soon that most recipes include something sweet. Somehow, baking is the cooking process that puts me in the best mood, but I do actually eat salty every once in a while.

I know I promised some of you that the pistachio chocolate escargots recipe would be my very first food post, but it's been delayed a bit as the pistachio spread still isn't completely the way I want it, but it will be here very soon.

This is my favourite cookies recipe. Over the years it's changed quite a lot and it seems to me that I am not far from reaching perfection as to how to get them tasty, chewy & ready-to-go in no time. The last point is very important.

If, like me, you find there are never enough chocolate chunks in the cookies you buy, you’ll love this recipe. To tell you the truth, I always double the portions (who doesn’t like happy hour?) or they’re gone too soon. You might be more reasonable than me, so here’s the original recipe.

Serves about 25 cookies 

What do I need?
-       75 g butter, softened;
-       100 g sugar;
-       50 g light brown soft sugar;
-       1 egg;
-       150 g all-purpose flour;
-       1 tsp vanilla sugar;
-       1 tsp dry yeast;
-       ½ tsp salt;
-       150 g dark chocolate chopped into big chunks;
-       75 g hazelnuts cut into halves.

What do I do?
Preheat your oven to 170 degrees C.
Cream butter and sugar. Combine in the brown sugar and the egg. Mix flour, vanilla sugar, yeast & salt in another bowl and sift it into the first mixture. Add chocolate and hazelnuts.
Form the cookies with the help of two teaspoons and place them on ungreased baking paper. Flatten them a bit by pressing before cooking them for about 7 minutes depending on your oven. You should take them out when they’re just setting. If you want them a bit harder and less chewy, leave them for about 10 minutes till they look golden round the edges (like the upper picture to the right).
I could tell you about how that they store well, but they’ll likely be eaten before.

Feel free to replace the dark chocolate with milk or white chocolate if you prefer or even add them all for a triple chocolate cookie. The same goes for the hazelnuts that can easily be replaced by macadamia nuts, pecans or walnuts. We even tried it once with mini Daim bars with conclusive results.

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  1. Yum :) can almost taste them

  2. Yum :) can almost taste them

    1. Thank you Cheryl! They're delicious and sooo easy to make.

  3. If you can read this please send cookies...

  4. Ha bittersweet. I'm thrilled to see you can finally post, but it's gonna cost me in cookies ;-P

  5. Yes great! And lovely blog Benedicte 😘


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